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Dubai Petroleum jobs Vacancies in Dubai

Dubai Petroleum builds up the order into life on  23 April of 1963, when the then Ruler of UAE, His King Rashid Sheikh bin Maktoum had the foresight and granted Continental national Oil commercial enterprise a concession protective the offshore area of the UAE Emirate to start exploring for oil.

Goto and apply now jobs at end of this page by Submit Your CV Now. These are efforts resulted in the discovery of oil in Fateh difficulty in 1966 which His Highness in my view decided on the call for, which means that “suitable fortune” in Arabic. the discovery of the South West Fateh location came about four years later, and Falah and Rashid after that. however, Dubai Petroleum established order faced a trouble in storing the oil produced within the Fateh location because of the shallow waters within the area. This led to a modern concept of building and transporting massive floating tanks offshore to in which the oil is produced and therefore solving the storage hassle.


on the twenty-second September 1969, the primary tanker of oil became exported from Fateh region, and for that reason allowing Dubai to finance its tendencies and enter a new phase in its history via some of the big initiatives new to the Gulf and the center East region.


Benefits of Dubai  Petroleum:

Dubai Petroleum providing different kinds of benefits in its job like insurance, medical, housing, servants (according to the position in the company), security, medical, house allowance, travel, free return ticket, education, free training for enhancing your skills, paid vacations. So that’s why you had a great opportunity to get the job in Dubai petroleum for making a good career in Dubai.

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Share for friends and others. the properly emerge as finished and the opinions cause horizontal drilling to emerge as a brand new exercise on many structures. one of the horizontal wells on Falah area marked a new drilling document with a whole horizontal period of just about 3 km.

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